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Journalist Hanegbi: The Media Killed the Social Protests of 2012
The participants of the “Human Rights Sensitive Media” workshop being held for Hebrew Media Journalists at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and in collaboration with Israeli Press Association - Jerusalem, met with Dr. Daniel Schwartz, a lecturer for Political Science at the Hebrew University and Israel Radio Reshet Bet Journalist Moshe Hanegbi.
I’lam Tours Channel 1
I’lam Tours Channel 1 Arab Journalists Get to Know the Public Channel - July 17 2012 On Tuesday, July 17 2012, I’lam organized a tour for journalists to Channel 1 in Jerusalem. The journalists held a meeting with David Witztum, the channel’s news editor and presenter. Witztum guided the journalists on a tour of the station’s various departments.
Recognizing World Press Freedom Day
I'lam Media Center recognizes World Press Freedom Day by hosting a conference, and by publishing its newest findings, “ Human Rights Discourse in the Arabic and Hebrew Media”. The conference is part of a three-year EU-funded project that pivots on freedom of expression as a means to build a culture for human rights sensitive journalism in Israel.
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